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Founded in 2007 by Interior Architect, annita terzi with the philosophy to create special spaces focused on people, functionality and aesthetics. Established in Interior Design, refurbishment and renovation sector and has designed and managed all aspects of Interiors for various projects in Cyprus.

Do you have an idea?…let us make it happen

Our Process

  • Research analysis
  • Design Concept
  • Architectural Planning
  • Interior Architecture & Design
  • Construction Details
  • 3D Modelling / Visualization and Animation
  • Management / Coordination and Supervision
  • Furniture Design
  • Consultants

We research every aspect of client needs, project’s requirements and site parameters. It’s a process of exploration and development to the design proposal.

We define the design concept, the new identity of the space in alternative scenarios expanded so we can create step by step along with the client the best solution to procced.

We prepare Complete Architectural Drawings and Design Packages, for new projects or existing buildings. We also ensure the procedure of Submissions of Planning and Building Permits to Local Authorities.

We create the design concept of the space with colours /textures and materiality. We proceed with selections of all the finishes and materiality.

Preparation of structural /construction and design detail drawings.

Our proposal designs, can be a realistic experience for our clients by external and internal 3D high quality realistic views, from the beginning of the project till the final design. We can also create animations and flythrough videos.

We can provide Project Management Services for our Projects, and coordinate with various specialty consultants. We supervise and document the whole building process, till the furniture installations and final touches.

Design of Custom made furniture, interior architectural details , lighting devices, decorative elements and other special structure designs.

A.T. DESIGN STUDIO is surrounded by a team of thrusted external partners.
We can provide through collaboration services like: Landscape Design, Graphic Design, Structural Surveys, Electrical Surveys, Mechanical Surveys, Sound and Lights Specialty Services, Advertisement Services etc

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